Jumat, 10 November 2017

Trends in Self Inking Rubber Stamps

If you need to write and re-write your initials or your name and address on hundreds of papers, then self inking rubber stamps can ease your workload considerably. The term 'self inking' implies that the rubber stamps have a mechanism which automatically coats the rubber with ink on application of slight pressure. Naturally, the advantage of using such a stamp is that one need not carry separate inking pads; neither does one have to keep checking whether the stamp has enough quantity of ink in it. Additionally, self inking stamps also produce the same pattern every time they are used and can be custom designed to suit a wide variety of applications.

How do the self inking rubber stamps work?
The self inking stamps typically have three components: the stamp itself, the stamp pad and a housing unit for the two which also acts as the handle. To use the stamps, one needs to place the it on the paper where one wants the image/text to appear. A slight application of pressure depresses the handle half an inch or so. It is during this movement that the rubber stamp gets inked and the image appears on paper after the stamp and pad have rotated away from each other.
Trends in Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps over the years
Rubber stamps have been used for hundreds of years. Where the older stamps were typically made from wood and rubber and were also limited in size; modern stamps are constructed with plastic and other heavy duty materials and come in a variety of sizes. Some of them also incorporate 'light burst technology' and unique laser-engraved spongy rubber material that can create nearly 50,000 impressions without requiring re-inking!

Uses of self inking rubber stamps
These can be used for marking envelopes, letters and other business documents. Many businesses require adding a return address on hundreds even thousands of envelopes. By purchasing this office supplies with one's return address, this task can be made very easy. All you need to do is place it in the corner of the envelope and apply a little pressure. To add uniqueness to this, many businesses also opt to add their custom logo and create a unique return address stamp. This greatly enhances the professional look not to mention the neat appearance imparted to the envelope.

Likewise, you can choose self inking rubber stamps with words like 'Thank You', 'Paid', 'Approved', 'Return to sender', etc to save time on such paperwork. Custom stamps with one's signature are a great way to stamp checks or letters frequently. Stamps like these are available in single word or multiple words too. Apart from entrepreneurial use, they can be used for crafts and artwork too. You can spend hours of fun with your little ones at home, making greeting cards, bookmarks and several other craft items. Teachers can use these to mark and grade papers. Examples of custom stamps for teachers include 'Good Job', 'Well Done', A+ etc.